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  • Business Analyst Interview Questions
  • Q. Can you tell why are you considering leaving your present job?
    A. Regardless of the reason, do not bad mouth your current employer. Negativism will always hurt you. Good answers include: â..There is no room for growth at my current employer. I am looking for a company with long term growth opportunitiesâ.. â..Due to a company restructuring, my entire department is relocating to Florida. I was give the option of moving, but do not wish to relocateâ.. â..My current company is not doing well, and has been laying off employees. There is no job security there, and more layoffs are expectedâ..

    Q. How do you handle stress and pressure?
    A. â..I find that I work better under pressure, and I enjoy working in an environment that is challenging.â. â..I am the type of person that diffuses stress. I am used to working in a demanding environment with deadlines, and enjoy the challenges.â.

    Q. We have met several business analystâ..s. Why are you the one we should hire?
    A. Give definite examples of your skills and accomplishments. Be positive, and emphasize how your background matches the job description. Mention any software packages and spreadsheet software you are familiar with. Also let them know if you have advanced knowledge of any of the software.

    Q. What do you know about our company?
    A. This question is used to see if you have prepared for the interview. Candidates that have researched the company are more appealing. Companies like prepared, organized candidates.

    Q. What are your greatest strengths?
    A. Be positive and honest. â..My greatest strength is maximizing the efficiency of my staff. I have successfully lead numerous teams on difficult projects. I have an excellent ability to identify and maximize each of my staffs strengths.â. Give examples.

    Q. Tell me about your greatest weakness?
    A. It is very important to give a strength that compensates for your weakness. Make your weakness into a positive. â..I consider myself a 'big picture' person. I sometimes skip the small details. For this reason, I always have someone on my team that is very detail oriented.â. Another good answer: â..Sometimes, I get so excited and caught up in my work that I forget that my family life should be my number one priority.â.

    Q. What are your goals for the future?
    A. â..My long term goals are to find a company where I can grow, continue to learn, take on increasing responsibilities, and be a positive contributorâ..

    Hopefully these typical business analyst interview questions will help you. It is important to customize the answers for your specific background and experience.

    Now that we have gone over the interview questions for business analyst, you need to be aware of important resources that can make your job search easier and more thorough.
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