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  • Top 5 Ways to prepare Your Resume
  • 1. Keywords, Keywords: If your resume doesn't repeat the right keywords (or search terms), numerous times, searchers are unlikely to find it. It's a sad fact, but resumes are ranked based on how many times they repeat the right keywords.

    2. Critical Keywords -- Job Titles/Job Descriptions: When headhunters and hiring managers search for candidates, they use the major, definitive elements of the job. Keywords are not "cross-functional," "multi-tasking," "interpersonal skills," or other nice-to-include descriptive jargon. Those are good to have somewhere (if relevant), but only once or twice at most.
    Instead, your resume should repeat basic, core search terms. Job titles -- creative director, business analyst, CFO. Job descriptions -- creative direction, business process analysis, corporate finance. These should be repeated in your resume's headline, opening section, every job description -- wherever you can fit them.

    3. Synonyms : You don't know exactly which keywords your dream employer uses. So to cover all the bases, you also need synonyms: comparable titles and parallel job descriptions.
    Here's a good, keyword-loaded job description opener: "Promoted from Software Developer to Senior Software Developer to serve as lead programmer / analyst for major software development / software engineering projects."

    4. Qualifications Summaries: Another way to up your keyword count: opening summaries. These enable your resume to highlight your most relevant strengths immediately -- and also offer another opportunity to reiterate keywords.

    5. Resume Keyword Lists: Finally, list specific terms. It's a perfect way to showcase your diverse skills and add even more keywords. You don't have to name it a nerdy "Keywords." Label your table "Strengths" or "Expertise," listing 3-4 keywords per line in a professional, organized appearance. Good Luck
    By Mukund - Sep 04 2009 Reply » Save » Print »
  • If resume doesn t have required skills of requirement, your resume will not consider.
    By KS - Apr 21 2010 Reply » Save » Print »

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