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  • SAP Interview Questions Part3
  • Q: What is SAP R/3?
    A: A third generation set of highly integrated software modules that performs common business function based on multinational leading practice. Takes care of any enterprise however diverse in operation, spread over the world. In R/3 system all the three servers like presentation, application server and database server are located at different system.

    Q: Define Meta data, Master data and Transaction data
    A: Meta Data: Data that describes the structure of data or MetaObjects is called Metadata. In other words data about data is known as Meta Data.
    Master Data: Master data is data that remains unchanged over a long period of time. It contains information that is always needed in the same way. Characteristics can bear master data in BW. With master data you are dealing with attributes, texts or hierarchies.
    Transaction data: Data relating to the day-to-day transactions is the Transaction data.
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