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  • SAP ABAP Interview Questions Part2
  • Q: Difference between interactive and ALV Reports ?
    A: Interactive reports display output in rows nd column where as alv is Abap List Viewer used to enhance the performance
    of reports.

    Q: What is the unit of work?
    A: The R/3 system is multi user system and many users access the same information at the same time, which is mainly DATA. Consider the case where one user is modifying a record, and second user is trying to delete the same record. If the second user is successful in deleting the record then the first user will face problem for modifying the record that is already deleted. The avoid such situation, R/3 system has provided Logical Unit of Work.

    Q: what is naming conventions given for lock object and how you create the lock object?
    A: 1.Object Name start with EZ OR EY .Go to SE11
    2. Give the lock object name EZDUSH(lock object name start with EZ) and click 'Create' Button.
    3. Enter the short description,Table name<XXXX>, lock mode and key fields which is used to lock the entry.
    4. Save and activate, it will generate 2 FM.
    DEQUEUE_EZDUSH Release lock on object EZDUSH
    ENQUEUE_EZDUSH Request lock for object EZDUSH

    In your program,
    1. First loop the table.
    2. call the FM 'ENQUEUE_EZDUSH' to lock.
    3. Update the dB.
    4. Release the lock using DEQUEUE_EZDUSH.
    DEQUEUE_ALL this FM will release all the lock.

    Q: How can you remove leading zeros of a number in script?

    Q: what is ment by view? how many types are there ? what are they? and what is the difference between data base view and projection view?
    A: View is an imaginary table. It does not lies under database. Actually the View data is stored in database tables only.
    Views are filled during runtime only. (OR)
    view is a collecton or combination or mixture of data dictionary tables....view definition will not be available in database...
    Four types of views
    Database View.
    Maintance View.
    Project View.

    Database view: Multiple tables are joined in this view.
    Project View: One particular Table fields are used(few fields).
    Database view :combining two or more tables called database view
    Projection view :an exact projection of a single table is called as a projection view...

    Q: What is ment by buffering?
    A: Buffering is temporary storage of data in application server. If ur using buffering, the data retrieving is very fast. Buffering is selected during the creation of table only. full Buffering, Buffering but switched off, no buffering.these r the types.

    Q: What is use of STOP statement?
    A: The stop statement is used to stop the current program and it will go to the next loop statement.

    Q: In real time how we get the tickets? whether it is through email or any thing else.
    A: In Real Time tickets will issued through a Ticketing Tool .It depends upon the company which tool they use .The Client will send the ticket through that tool and Attachment documents for clearity of the ticket and provide Priority whehter it is high, Medium , low...This is how tickets will be handled and received.

    Q: Difference bet'n simple and interactive reports?
    A: In simple reports we directly interact with report in which all data is present.In case of interactive reports we interact with specific data.

    Q: What is the role of ST05 in performance tuning?
    A: It is one of the performance tool in sap-abap which helps us to measure the performance of a program.It is almost similar to run time analysis.
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