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  • SAP ABAP Interview Questions Part1
  • Q: What is troubleshooting and where you can use this TS?
    A: It is defined as fixing a problem. It means that How the error was occured and how the error has to solve .then that process is called TroubleShooting.

    Q: How many types of windows are there in SMARTFORMS? Not in scripts?
    A: We have four types of windows in smartfors.
    1.main window
    2.secondary window
    3.copies window
    4.final window

    Q: What is the exact difference between userexits and customer exits?
    A: customer exit :-
    1.It is conventional method .
    2.writting Programs .

    User exit:-
    1. it is procedural.
    2. using tools.

    Q: How to debug an Idoc at runtime?
    A: IDocs are processed by a function module, which are mapped against in table EDIFCT. When you process an IDoc with BD87 you can have a breakpoint in the function and it will stop.For outbound processing it depends on which program is sending the IDoc. For transactional data like purchase orders, the IDoc is created via RSNAST00 which in turn calls a function module assigned to the processing code (BD41).

    Q: What are the characteristics of a bapi?
    A: 1. naming convention
    2. standardized BAPIs and parameters
    3. data consistency
    4. no dialog orientation
    5. authorization
    6. data types & data display
    7. processing modes

    Q: What is the program flow of BADI?
    A: 1)Define the BADI by using SE18 Transaction
    Declaring the objects and classes and methods.
    2)Implementation of BADI by using SE19 Transaction
    Defining the Classes and methods as required by the end user.

    Q: How to get the column count of a report?
    A: SY-LINSZ system variable gives the column count(line size) and SY-LINCT for line count.

    Q: How to upload open purchase order through BDC
    A: By using some of functionModules like in both AS,PS we have to create internal table
    2)DOWN-LOAD these are used if the data is in Presentation Server
    4)TRANSFER these are used if the data is in Application Server
    By using Manualprogramming like BDCDATA structure there we have fields like program,dynpro,dynbegin,fname,fval.

    Q: What is Web dynpro?
    A: Dynamic programming providing clear separation between Business Logic and Diaplay Logic.

    Q: What are the Events in Application Server?
    A: Events are:
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