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  • ASP.Net Interview Questions Part3
  • 21. What are master pages?
    a. Master pages provide a uniform layout for all pages in your application. They are used to
    create same look and feel for all pages.they provide a template which can be used by any
    number of pages in an application. They have .master extension.

    22. Is it possible to nest master pages?
    a. Yes.

    23. What is a wizard control?
    a. This provides a way to create a sequence of steps which can be used by the user. This
    control is useful in suituations where you want to split the information in to steps.
    for ex. When you are registering in to any web site we can divide the information
    collection process from the user in to 3 steps, step1 for login information, step 2 for
    personal inrmation and step 3 for address information.

    24. what is the method used to set focus on any control?
    a. We use Focus() method.

    25. what is smart navigation?
    a. 1. It maintains same scroll position during postbacks.
    2. used to keep element focus during navigation
    3. used to minimise flash during navigation
    4. only the most recent web page state is retained in the browsers history folder.

    26. How many types of assemblies are there?
    a. 2 Types.
    1. Private assemblies: which are used by only one application and are placed in the application's directory
    2. shared assemblies: which are shared by many applications and are placed in machine wide code cache called global assembly cache.

    27. What are main contents of an assembly
    a. They are 4 contents
    1. assembly manifest
    2. Type metadata
    3. msil that implements types
    4. list of resouces

    28. What is an assembly manifest?
    a. Assembly manifest is main part of an assembly. it is used to store information about metadata like version information, security information, types info, scope of assembly etc.

    29. What are the contents of an assembly manifest?
    a. It contains name of the assembly,version information, culture information, strongname information, type reference information, list of files in assembly, and list of other assemblies

    30. What is a global assembly cache?
    a. Using this you can place assemblies at one common place. this common place is known as global assembly cache. the advantage of this global assembly cache is that the assemblies placed in this common place can be shared by many applications. they are not restricted to a particular application. they can be shared by any application. when you place an assembly in to global assembly cache that assembly should have a strong name. Global assembly cache is placed in the subdirectory of the systemroot directory.
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