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  • ASP.Net Interview Questions Part9
  • 81. What is the extension of the resource files?
    a ) .resx

    82. What is the attribute used to apply theme to a specific page?
    a ) That is â..Themeâ.. attribute.

    83. How many types of configuration files are there?
    a ) 2 types
    Machine.config: This is a server or machine wide configuration file
    Web.config : This is a application configuration file.

    84. What are the advantages of web.config file?
    a )
    1. This contains application specific configuration settings whichis same for all the pages in that application.
    2. This is xml file which is easily readble and understandable.
    3. This applies changes to the asp.net application with out need for the administrator to stop and start the webserver.
    4. It provides more security as data is encrypted.

    85. Is it possible for an application to have more than one web.config file?
    a ) Yes. An application can support more than one web.config file.

    86. What is caching?
    a ) This allows a way to keep most frequently used data in memory to increase the performance of the application.

    87. What are the types of page output cache?
    a ) This is used to store the contents of a processed page in memory.
    It is devided in to 2 types
    1. full page caching
    it stores the entire contents of a page
    2. partial page caching
    it stores the parts of a page.

    88. What do you mean by post-cache substitution?
    a ) This is one type of partial page caching. It allows you to cache the entire page but parts of a page are not cached means they will be created dynamically.

    89. When the items will be removed from the cache?
    a ) Items from cache are removed
    1. when memory runs low
    2. when an item expires
    3. when items dependency changes

    90. What is Sliding expiration?
    a ) Suppose an item is placed in cache and its sliding expiration is 10 minutes. Then this sliding expiration policy specifies that the item stored in cache will be removed after 10 min from the time it is last used/accessed.
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