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  • Java Interview Questions
  • # What is a Marker Interface?
    An interface with no methods. Example: Serializable Remote Cloneable
    # What interface do you implement to do the sorting?
    # What is the eligibility for a object to get cloned?
    It must implement the Cloneable interface
    # What is the purpose of abstract class?
    It is not an instantiable class. It provides the concrete implementation for some/all the methods. So that they can reuse the concrete functionality by inheriting the abstract class.
    # What is the difference between interface and abstract class? - Abstract class defined with methods. Interface will declare only the methods. Abstract classes are very much useful when there is a some functionality across various classes. Interfaces are well suited for the classes which varies in functionality but with the same method signatures.
    # What do you mean by RMI and how it is useful? - RMI is a remote method invocation. Using RMI you can work with remote object. The function calls are as though you are invoking a local variable. So it gives you a impression that you are working really with a object that resides within your own JVM though it is somewhere.
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  • can you post some more java question and answers.
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