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  • Tips for a Job Interview
  • An interview is a critical step of hiring decision. The interviewer will look for your Knowledge Skills and Attitude.
    • Ask questions the work the environment so that you can tailor your experience to reflect what they are looking for.
    • Do not lie about technologies you do not have familiarity with.
    • Focus on your strengths and the knowledge you have.
    • If you are asked something you have not worked with you might be able to overcome that by stating experience that is similar.
    • Think about what you have done your rolls and the technical involvement you have had on your projects.
    • Speak SLOWLY and CLEARLY.
    • Make sure you are somewhere quiet and somewhere that you can focus on the conversation.
    • Close the interview down by reiterating interest and asking for next steps.
    Do’s: Logical questions questions about work environment examples of previous work experience positive attitude body language and gestures.
    Don’ts: Argue with interviewer Lie to Interviewer Over Confident Speak ill about previous company Emotional and jittery/nervous.
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