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  • Ten Tips to prepare the Perfect Resume
  • 1. Keywords Keywords: If your resume doesn t repeat the right keywords (or search terms) numerous times searchers are unlikely to find it. It s a sad fact but resumes are ranked based on how many times they repeat the right keywords.
    2. Critical Keywords - Job Titles/Job Descriptions: When headhunters and hiring managers search for candidates they use the major definitive elements of the job. Keywords are not cross-functional multi-tasking interpersonal skills or other nice-to-include descriptive jargon. Those are good to have somewhere (if relevant) but only once or twice at most.
    Instead your resume should repeat basic core search terms. Job titles - creative director business analyst CFO. Job descriptions - creative direction business process analysis corporate finance. These should be repeated in your resume s headline opening section every job description - wherever you can fit them.
    3. Synonyms : You don t know exactly which keywords your dream employer uses. So to cover all the bases you also need synonyms: comparable titles and parallel job descriptions.
    Here s a good keyword-loaded job description opener: Promoted from Software Developer to Senior Software Developer to serve as lead programmer / analyst for major software development / software engineering projects.
    4. Qualifications Summaries: Another way to up your keyword count: opening summaries. These enable your resume to highlight your most relevant strengths immediately - and also offer another opportunity to reiterate keywords.
    5. Resume Keyword Lists: Finally list specific terms. It s a perfect way to showcase your diverse skills and add even more keywords. You don t have to name it a nerdy Keywords. Label your table Strengths or Expertise listing 3-4 keywords per line in a professional organized appearance.
    6. Readability and attractivness: Make it very presntable use the fonts and sizes which are popular and professinal.
    7. Certifications: List the Related Certifications this goes long way.
    8. Hobbies: Avoid personal hobbies on the resume.
    9. Personalization: Customize the resume for the requirment (Highlit the points which suit the requirment).
    10. COntact Details: List the best email address where you can respond quick and phone numbers (two are good).
    By Dev - Sep 26 2009 Reply » Save » Print »
  • I d like to see candidates tell in one short sentence for each position they ve held what each company they worked for manufactured or what serviceor product they provided. That way recruiter s that physically read a resume can get a complete understanding of a work history. Example: All Human Resources Managers do not work in the same type of facility.
    By Steven - Sep 29 2009 Reply » Save » Print »
  • Yes that does help as recruiting manager is not from same field as the job seeker.
    By Dev - Sep 30 2009 Reply » Save » Print »

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