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  • Immigration to Canada is a Great Option
  • The Government of Canada has identified more than 30 high-demand, skilled occupations for expedited permanent residency processing.
    Nursing, Engineers and Teachers are only some of those occupations deemed to be in high-demand.
    Today many professionals with pendingn US immigration applications are frustrated at the exceedingly long processing times.
    High-demand skilled professionals can achieve permanent residency in 6-12 months from the date on which their application is filed.
    For more detailed, free information on your immigration in Canada, contact:
    Visa Solutions Canada Ltd.
    E-Mail: rhoppe@visasolutions.ca
    By HealthStaff - Mar 31 2010 Reply » Save » Print »
  • How is the job market for Performance testing professionals
    By Ravi - May 01 2012 Reply » Save » Print »

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