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  • SAP ABAP Interview Questions Part4
  • Q: How to change the development class of any object?
    A: In development class is nothing but all the objects are stored into the development class. for that purpose we will create the one customer development names space and what are all the objects are created these are put into the that development class. if u want to change the objects we can easily change the objects.
    But where as in $TMP development objects are cannot transportable from one system to another system. Because of the this is system

    Q: How to maintain the table control in BDC?
    A: Table control are treated like a loops in BDC.actually the transfer the data from the program to screen is automatic. but where as in table control is not automatic we should pass the data to the table control we should pass the data thorugh the loop statement .
    This is defined in Both the PBO Event.Because of the table control is where you should be transferred the data with the loop only.

    table control syntax is like this:

    control (tc) type table view using screen (sno)

    important parmaters:
    1. Lines: No of displyable rows in a table.
    2. Top-lines: The row of the table where the screen should be start.
    3.scroll: currently being using inside the loop statement.

    if u update the value in table control that value is updated with the same value. this is possible with the table control only.

    table control:
    table control is actually handled by enter key method...
    tht is....index is maintained in item level datas...
    that index must be checked to place upcoming datas in the second index itself...
    for e.g if index > 2.
    index = 2.

    Q: What is difference between table control and alv grid in dialog programming in abap.
    A: Alv Grid control is advanced for Table control.table control means we have to use in Dialg Programing But grid control is having features like ALV Programing.

    Q: Why abap/4 is 4th generation language ?
    A: ABAP is the fourth generation language because of all applications are write on the application server and execute on the server only.all reports are done by using the advanced business language.

    Q: What is difference between type and like statement?
    A: Type can be used to create data objects from another data objects, dictionary and predefined types.
    In the same way like is used to create data objects from another data objects only, but like will not pass EPC (Extended program check).
    type is referring to predefined data dictionary objects like mara,ekko,ekpo etc., where as like is used to refer the user defined objects like
    for e.g., itab type table of mara.
    itab1 like itab.
    itab1 type itab is not possible.
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